Meet Your Life Coach

Nichole - Life Coach


Nichole is a spiritual life coach, tarot/oracle card reader, and writer. She believes her purpose in life is to guide others along their life path, and help them to manifest the happiness they desire.

Although she has worked in many different fields throughout her life, Nichole always felt she was supposed to be doing something else. She found a new perspective after reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie, craving clarity in her own life. She asked the Universe to send guidance, to help her discover her life’s purpose. Her guidance came to her through meditation and tarot/oracle card reading, and she now knows she is meant to help others.

I have not always been the positive manifesting maven I am now. I come from a past that isn’t pretty, and for a long time I was content to sit there in my darkness and stew. I felt like nobody would ever understand me, and no one would ever truly love me for who I am. It is simply amazing how dramatically your life can change when you accept guidance from the Universe.

Now through my meditations, I accept the universal guidance I’m given as I travel down my path. But let me tell you something, keeping my ego in check and staying positive is a difficult task. I am not perfect and I still have my bad moments, but I always return to love. That’s how you measure your spiritual growth, not how “perfect” you are, but how quickly you return to love.

My life coaching philosophy is that everyone has a past, some good, some not so good. Happiness is a choice that we can make each and every day. We were set up for success in life, and even if you’ve turned down the path of the ego, there’s always a way to turn around and head back to love.

All of the pain and shit you believe about yourself is just that. They are notions that were passed on to us by other people, or misconceptions from within ourselves of what we “SHOULD” look like, act like, the material items we should have etc.

My goal as your life coach is to help you uncover why you feel the way you do, and help you move past the blocks that surround you. I want to help you manifest everything you could ever want and more, to overcome your past and move into your full potential…because you deserve it! I want to help you find what lights you up, what your divine purpose is on this Earth. You were put here with a unique set of talents and abilities that only you can share with the world, and I want to help you tap into and share those talents. If you’ve ever felt a calling to something, I want to help you answer.

Peace and Love,