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Do you want some 1:1 time with me?

Nichole McFarlane - SacredOakGoddess

My coaching philosophy: Everyone has a past, some good, some not so good. Happiness is a choice that we can make each and every day. We should focus on staying in love and not turning to our ego. I want you to be able to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of. You were set up for success in life, you’ve just turned down the path of the ego and I want to help you turn around and head back to love.

Do you need help with your job? Love and relationships? Spiritual growth? Friends and family? or anything else that is blocking you and holding you back?

I want to help you realize that your knight in shining armour is yourself! You can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and have a totally amazing life! All of the things you dream about every day can be a reality. You just have to trust yourself and the universe!

I can get you there my friend! Let’s talk and work this out. I’m your number one fan and I want to see you reach your goals! I can remind you just how amazing you are and give you the tools to get yourself to your full potential.

Why me? I’m so glad you asked!

It is  my mission to help you break through your blocks, and manifest the life that you have always wanted. Together, we can achieve your wildest dreams! My goal is to share my wisdom with you and help you through anything that’s holding you back. I know you are ready, so let’s do this!!

I’m not going to sugar coat it for you either, I’m a tough love kinda gal and I know that you want someone who is honest, and will really do everything in their power to help you succeed. That’s me. While I am a hard ass, I am also your biggest supporter. I am already so proud of you for making the commitment to changing your life just by coming to this page! You are on the right path, keep moving along it and I guarantee you will reach your goals.

Not only am I a spiritual life coach, but I also read tarot and oracle cards! If that’s your thing, then we can do readings as well. I would love to give you some divine advice from the universe. So we now have two awesome ways to get you back on track and help you work through your blocks.

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How does it work?

  • We will start off with a free session, where I will get to know you. I can’t very well give you advice if I don’t know anything about you. We’ll talk about why you feel that you need life coaching, and what you’re looking for from me. I can give you recommendations on how I can help, and we can make sure that we connect, and that we are the right fit.
  • After the get to know each other stage, I’ll send you an invoice/contract with all coaching package information, as well as more information about what we will cover.
  • Upon completion of the invoice and signing of contract, we will schedule times that work best for both of us. Then we are off to the races my friend. I don’t want to waste any valuable time! Let’s get into it.

Packages are available as well through the link below. What are you waiting for? Click the calendar of availability and let’s get started!


I know that we can make a difference together, are you ready to change your life?



Questions? Don’t hesitate to email me at hello@sacredoakgoddess.com! I would love to hear from you!