Letting Go Of Mistakes, Forgive Yourself

We all make mistakes; some big, some small. The key is to be able to forgive yourself. We talk a lot about forgiving others and letting things go, but sometimes we forget just how hard it is to forgive yourself. How hard it is to let go of guilt and shame.

How Can I Actually Forgive Myself

The hardest part here is actually forgiving yourself. We say we do all of the time, but we often don’t truly let things go. We let it fester inside ourselves until it is visible on our faces.

You Are Always Learning Universal Lessons

It is really helpful to keep in mind that every single thing we go through is a Universal lesson designed to bring us closer to our life purpose. So anything that you do/anything that happens to you is meant to. That may be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s true. When lessons occur we are meant to learn something and then move on, if we don’t learn the lesson you’ll find yourself ending up in the same scenario over and over again. That’s something I can definitely relate to. I would find myself in the exact same situation, feeling guilt and shame and then go out and do the exact same thing again, even though I had vowed not to.

Seeing The Light

If you’re like me, it’ll take you a while to learn your lesson. You’ll think that you can outsmart the Universe and that you don’t really have to change. You’ll believe that if you push down the guilt, embarrassment, shame etc. that you caused yourself, it’ll just fade into nothing. Wrong! It will sit there and muck up all of your chakras, and probably cause health issues (I know it did for me). Things don’t truly get better until you learn your Universal lesson, and forgive your mistakes.

We All Make Mistakes

At the end of the day, we are all human, we all make mistakes. We all do things we wish we hadn’t. The key to a truly joyful experience is letting it go and truly accepting that you are living the life that you are meant to, and you will make mistakes along your journey. But remember, everything leads  you closer to your life purpose which is where we all want to be.

How To Forgive Yourself

Meditation is always a good place to start. I’ve included a lovely forgiveness meditation for you, which you can also find in my forgiveness training. 

Your Are Perfect Just As You Are

Remember my loves, you are perfect the way you are. You were designed to live the experience that you are living. Be kind to yourself and don’t hold yourself to impossible standards. You will make mistakes, forgive yourself and learn from them. You are a beautiful being of light.

Peace and Love,


How To Create An Altar

Hello my darlings! I hope that you are having a wonderful day! Today we will be talking about creating an altar in your home! I know that some of you want to create one or are curious as to how you might do that.

What Is An Altar?

Traditionally an altar is a place to worship deities. It has offerings and other items to worship and praise the divine. Your altar can be exactly that, but it can also include other things. Basically an altar is an intention setting hub. We can use our altar to commune with the divine and place our intentions upon it. Let’s think of it like a direct line to the divine.


Where To Put Your Altar

You can place your altar anywhere that aligns with you. Mine is in my meditation space, but you can create yours anywhere. If you are tight on space you can even create it in a closet or have an altar that you take apart and put away and then build up during meditations. Really be creative with it.

What To Put On Your Altar

  • Incense
  • Deity figures or photos
  • Crystals
  • Singing Bowls or other instruments
  • Sage
  • Shells
  • Candles
  • Something to worship each element (fire – candle, air – feather, water – cup of water, earth – cup of soil)
  • Anything else that speaks to you

Ok, I Made An Altar…What Do I Do With It?

Now that you have an altar, it is really a hub where you can send out your intentions to the Universe. Ensure that you are placing your intentions that you create on the new moon here and then burn them on your altar on the full moon. Have a look at my last post for more information on that.

Join Me

Join me tomorrow for our full moon ritual and then again on October 19th live on Instagram and Facebook for an intention setting ritual. We will set our intentions together and create an impactful focus toward receiving. We will also do a group meditation so that we can benefit each other by creating strong energy around our intentions.

Have a beautiful day and I’ll talk with you soon.

Peace and Love,



7 Ways To Set Impactful Intentions

Setting Intentions

What we sometimes fail to realize is that at each and every moment we are manifesting. We are setting intentions and they are becoming realized. I’m serious people! Each and EVERY moment!

So since we are always manifesting, and always setting intentions, we need to be setting impactful intentions so that we get what we want, and we don’t get things that we don’t want.

Negative Energy Causes Negative Intentions

Have you ever been in a bad mood and wished something but gotten the complete opposite? That’s because negative energy is still manifesting energy. You’ve set an intention toward that with negative energy, and thusly you are almost anti-manifesting. You may think that your energy is sometimes out of your control; well that person put me in a bad mood. But you always have the choice, and you always control your own energy. So think about that next time someone is upsetting you, remember our affirmations? I choose to see this differently, I see this with joy and love.

So How Do I Consciously Set My Intentions?

This isn’t always such an easy habit to get into, but trust me, once you do you will be so much happier. I’m going to break it down into 7 steps, and I have also created an intention setting worksheet that you can work through to really set those intentions and start a positive manifesting life!

Setting Impactful Intentions

1. Be Clear

Really be clear with the intention that you want to set. Make your intentions as clear and detailed as you can. Write them out on a page, or in your journal. Sometimes when I am really trying to manifest something, I write out my entire intention and re-read it daily for the period of the moon.

2. Set Your Intentions On The New Moon

The new moon is the most impactful time to set your intentions. Wait until the new moon is upon you, write down all of your intentions (I usually come up with three). Then carry your list with you, or keep it on your altar until the full moon. During the full moon you can take your list and burn it (CAREFULLY!!!) releasing your intentions to the Universe.

3. Don’t Come Up With Too Many Intentions

If you come up with too many intentions, you won’t be able to keep up with them all. You need to really prioritize your ideas, and set just a few. I would say on each new Moon to set about three intentions (That’s what I do). Maximum you would want to set is five, but let’s take this slow.

4. Trust In The Universe

Don’t send yourself backward by setting your intentions and then thinking, well this’ll never happen. That never helps anyone or anything. Simple as that. You need to trust in the Universe and allow things to happen! Believe that they will happen. Once you set your intentions, review them daily, but don’t be too attached to the outcome. Go with the Universal flow.

5. Meditate On Your Intentions

Take some down time to meditate on your intentions daily. Sit in a quiet space and play some relaxing music. I will post a list of some of my favourites, which you can in the free resources section! 

6. Keep Yourself High Vibe

This comes down to a lot of factors. Sleep, what you eat, what you put on and in your body, the energy that you absorb and that you put out. Keep yourself high vibe at all times. Up your frequency to increase your manifesting and intention setting abilities. Do things that light you up and keep you in a creative, awesome mind set.

7. Mind Set Is Everything

Remember, mind set it everything! In the words of Wayne Dyer, Believe it to see it. Keep your thoughts positive, and live like what you are intending has already happened. You got this!

Keeping Yourself Motivated Toward Your Intentions

Lastly I leave you with the ability to keep yourself motivated toward your intentions. Just because something doesn’t happen right away doesn’t mean that it won’t. It is possible that you are setting an intention to manifest something that you are not yet ready to receive. Take a look at your blocks and stories and really work hard to get rid of them. Keep yourself high vibe and positive. You will get what you desire if only you are patient.


Those Who Are Certain Of The Outcome Can Afford To Wait, And Wait Without Anxiety. -A Course In Miracles


Have a wonderful day! Tell me all about your high vibe intention setting success, and if you need any help setting your intentions stick to the work sheet and let me know if you have any questions.

How To Live In Non-Judgement

It is very easy to judge someone. It is very easy to feel judged. Judgement has become a natural part of society. We are always so worried about what other people are doing, and spend very little time reflecting on ourselves.

It is so simple to walk down the street and pass judgements. It has become second nature to us. “I can’t believe she’s wearing that”, “look how fat/ugly/poorly dressed/look at them together etc.” But very few times do we stop to think why we are passing these judgements.

Your Judgements Are A Mirror Into Your Own Subconscious

When we judge others, it is actually something called mirroring. Most often we are judging something about a person that we are subconsciously, or consciously feeling that we lack within ourselves. For example; if you are judging the way someone is dressed, perhaps you are worried that you are being judged for how you look.

Take a moment and really tally up all of the ways that you are judging others on a daily basis. I am betting, like most people, it’s more than you think.

I challenge you to live in non-judgement

Practice non-judgement today. Whenever you notice yourself judging someone take a moment and use the affirmation:

When I judge others I am really only judging myself.

Use this affirmation every time you feel yourself slipping into judgement. It will enable you to really start to build on your spiritual practice and also be in love and in joy more often. When we gossip or judge, we are living in our ego, and nobody wants that.

So say good bye to judgement, remember that everyone is on their own path, and your judgements are only hurting your growth. Be at peace and spread love wherever you go!

Have an amazing week everyone! Let me know how you get on with this challenge.

Peace and Love,


5 Ways To Transform Yourself From Worrier To Warrior

I was raised to be a worrier. It was engrained into me at a very young age. I would watch my family worry about countless things; money, relationships, other people, food, paying bills, you name it they worried about it. It was only natural that I too became a worrier. That was what my childhood mind saw as normal. Into my adult life, I have been faced with the hard truth: worrying = stress, stress = health problems. I had to make a choice, stop worrying, or continue to have receding health.


What if I told you that there was another way?

What if I told you that you didn’t have to worry? How about if I said that you can live your life worry free? Would you think that I am naive or that I am lying to you? Well, the truth is that I’m not. You can be worry free! You can live your life and never have to say “what if” again.


Worrying Sucks Your Happiness

When we worry, we can’t be happy. Even if we use the phrases; well I’ll be happy when this is over, or I know that if I just get these things (insert list here) then I can finally be happy, it just creates an excuse for us to worry. Unfortunately,  we can’t just keep putting these notions into our minds, and that’s not really how it works. We should be able to be happy 100% of the time. By now you’re probably saying, well then tell me how to do it Nichole!

Let Go Of Being A Worrier And Become A Warrior

Wouldn’t you rather put all of your time and energy into doing what you love? You could write a book, you could travel, and most importantly you could just simply be happy. You could live your life in bliss and never look back!

Now don’t get me wrong, I struggle with worry every single day. I make the constant choice to live in love and in joy instead. Let’s start slow and work our way into being worry free. Follow these five steps to begin your journey to becoming a warrior instead of a worrier.

1. Trust In The Universe And The Power Of Manifestation

Universe, God, Goddess, whatever you want to call it, trust in it. Trust that everything that happens to your or around you on a daily basis is that which is meant to happen. Every hardship, every beautiful moment is supposed to happen for your growth in this lifetime. Know that you can manifest anything you desire if only you focus on it.

2. Take Time To Be In Silence

Sometimes worrying is made worse by all of the daily hustle and bustle that we go through. I find meditation to be one of the best ways for me to let go of my worries and release them to the Universe. Connecting with the divine and asking them to help you release your fears is a great practice to get into the habit of.

3. Deepen Your Practice

Doing things like yoga and meditation will help to deepen your practice and thusly deepen your connection to the Universe. I also enjoy tarot and oracle card reading, using other divination tools or crystal healing. Any way that you can deepen your practice and connect more spiritually is a good idea to help ease worry.

4. Change The Way You Think

Little blips happen! Such is life. The Universe will always provide you a solution to everything you view as a problem. If there is no solution readily available, perhaps what you experienced wasn’t a problem, but an opportunity. Change the way you think about things. Stop viewing everything with a negative outlook, and focus more on how the situation can bring about something positive. An easy way to do this is by creating a gratitude list every single day! Take some time in your journal daily to talk about the good stuff, not just complain about the bad.

5. Oh and stop complaining! It’s not attractive, and doesn’t help anything.

Complaining just fuels your worry. We worry and worry and complain and complain and that just creates a vicious cycle. We can never be happy because we sit in our negative little bubble and stew. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just stop for a moment, remember something awesome and move on.


Now Let’s All Take A Breath

Let’s commit to starting slow, and keep track of all of the times we worry throughout the day. I want you to keep a little journal with you, and write down all of your worries. At the end of the day you can take your list, and write a positive affirmation for each worry. Then spend some time in meditation and let them all go one by one! You can use the releasing worry mediation below.


How To Live In Your Truth Unapologetically

Living In Your Truth Will Set You Free!

Sometimes we all get caught up in the haze of daily life. We pick up habits and mindsets from others. We forget to protect our energy and let things get muddled.But the one thing that we all must do, is learn to live in our truth unapologetically.


What does that mean?

You might not even know what I’m talking about when I say live in your truth. Well, let me tell you. We have an innate knowing inside each one of us. You know exactly what you are meant to do if only you would listen. The Universe is always guiding you toward this truth.

Sometimes though, other people will not align with your truth. They will not agree with you. That’s natural. But we must not let it deter us from our truth!

What is right for you, may not be right for someone else.  It is neither your job to change them, or their job to change you.


Perhaps You Don’t Even Know What Your Truth Is Yet

Perhaps you are even still in the process of discovering your truth. You can feel that it’s there, but you don’t know exactly what it is. Maybe you’ve never been comfortable being who you truly are. When I was younger, I wasn’t allowed to be who I truly was. My parents didn’t care what I did, and my other family is religious. Telling them that I can communicate with spirits and get wisdom from the Universe is not necessarily easy to do.

Now that I’m older, I realize how much that stunted my growth. But I also know that it was meant to happen like that because it provided me with the tools to overcome situations. It taught me how important it is to live in my truth every single day.

I want that for every one of you. No matter what your truth is, you should live every moment in your pure self.

An easy way to connect with what your truth is, is to meditate. Use this simple meditation to get in touch with your inner knowing.

Before starting this meditation, I recommend getting out your journal and writing at the top of a fresh page; What is my truth? This is the question that we will go into our meditation with. After your meditation spend a few moments writing what you learned in your meditation. Just let the words flow, don’t worry about being neat, and don’t overthink it. Your answer to the question may surprise you, or you may have known the answer all along.


You may listen to the meditation here:

Or Follow Along With The Script:

Discovering Your Inner Truth

Sit on the floor cross legged
Begin breathing deeply in through the nose, out through the mouth
Take some time here to really settle into you
r breath
Now envision yourself sitting in a beam of white light
Really get comfortable here, feel the Universe holding you in this moment
Now ask, what is my truth?
What is the first thing that pops into your mind?
What are you doing?
Where are you?
Who are you with?
Gather as much detail as possible, as your mind expands and you can see
yourself living in your truth.
Sit for a moment in that truth and allow yourself to feel the joy and peace
wash over you.
Let’s continue to expand on this truth, really open yourself up to the Universe
and allow your inner self to show you who you really are.
Continue your breathing for about 5 
minutes here.
Slowly come back into your body, feel yourself becoming present once again, and when you have grounded yourself in the now, you may open your eyes.


Lastly, Don’t Apologize For Being You!

The last thing that I want to leave you with is the promise that if you live in your pure self without apology, you will feel so free and be filled with joy. I have never known the joy that I now know, now that I live in my truth every day.

You may find that you lose some friends, or leave a job, other changes will occur. But all of these things that happen lead you down your path to love, to joy, to living your pure self!


Join Me In Living In Truth!

For the next 30 days, I want each of you to document how you are living in your truth each day. You can use your journal and just a small section on your page and just name at least 3 ways that you stayed in your truth that day. You can share on our Facebook page! I would love to hear your breakthroughs.

Have a beautiful day, and enjoy discovering and living in your truth. The truth will set you free!

Peace and Love,


10 Life Changing Affirmations And How To Create Your Own

Sometimes it is hard to stay in a positive mindset. The negativity seems to drag you down a little that day. Affirmations are an easy way to return to love throughout the day. I like to call affirmations ego busters, because now matter how out of hand my ego gets, saying an affirmation tames it.

Today we will start with a few affirmations that you can start using right now, and then I’ll teach you how to come up with your own.

There are a few ways to use affirmations. I like to set them as alarms on my phone so that I see them throughout the day. You can write them in your journal daily, or even just say them aloud when you need support.

Let’s have a look at some affirmations to get you started:


I Am Enough

This affirmation has gotten me through a lot of hard times, especially when I was first starting down my life coaching path. I would live in my ego a lot, believing that I would never be good enough to be successful.


I Live In My Truth

This one is helpful in situations where you may have had a disagreement with someone and you are feeling negatively about speaking your truth.


I Choose To Live In The Light

Living in the light is a choice we all make daily. If you are having trouble staying in the light, this is a great affirmation to use.


I Am Debt Free

I use this one on my phone personally, as it has helping me to manifest so much money! As Wayne Dyer said; I will see it when I believe it.


Universe, Send Me A Miracle

Another one that I use on my phone. I expect miracles every day, and I get them. This one also heightens your awareness of all of the amazing things that come into your life.


I Live In A State Of Gratitude

Speaking of great things coming into your life, how about a little gratitude to keep the flow coming?


I Am Where I Need To Be

Believing that the Universe has placed you in the exact place that you are supposed to be at that moment is a powerful feeling. Trusting that the Universe always has a plan will set you free.


I Forgive

Forgiveness will set you free! Say it now “I forgive”. You can add in specific details if you are having trouble forgiving someone for a certain thing, or just live in a forgiving mindset.


I See Only Joy

Joy is the most powerful emotion that you can have. Living in a state of joy is a beautiful thing! This one will help you break down your own negativity, and keep you in a place of pure joy.


Money Flows Toward Me Freely

Believing in the flow of money is great as well. The more easily you believe that money flows toward you the more money that will flow toward you.


How To Create Your Own Affirmation

Creating affirmations is easy! All you need to do is think of something that you’d like to remind yourself of. It could be something you’re struggling with, or something that you want to keep moving forward with.

Once you have your topic (health, money, love, light, miracles etc) you can put it into a helpful sentence that will uplift you and create positivity around the topic. Affirmations are also amazing for manifesting that which you desire.

So let’s do an example; say you have been having health issues recently and you want to live in a more healthy mindset because you’ve been down about yourself. You can easily create something along the lines of “I am healthy” or “Health is not an issue for me” or “I am free and live in perfect health”. Easy right?

I’d love to see some of your favourite affirmations below! Share them so that we can create a list that everyone can use!

Peace and Love,





Spirit Junkie Master Class

Hello my darlings!

I wanted to send out a quick update, as I have been absent lately. I have been doing a deep dive into some spiritual growth, which I shall share with you soon. But I couldn’t wait to tell you that I am enrolled in the Spirit Junkie Master Class Digital! Woohoo!

I have gone through two modules and am nearing completion of the third. It is so amazing! I can’t begin to explain the level of growth I am getting from this course. And of course I will be able to then bring it to my practice, and share it with all of you! I think that is what excited me the most.

In the first two modules we have talked a lot about fear. And this is something that I am going to be touching on in my coming posts. I have struggled with my own fears lately, and I want to share that with all of you. Then I can also share some tips and tricks that will help to get you out of your fears. This quote from the course is so amazing:

The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are relying on your own strength.
– A Course In Miracles

I am so excited to share more with all of you in the coming weeks! I have decided to start doing videos which will be an exciting new chapter to the Sacred Oak Goddess Clan! Stay tuned for those coming to you very soon!

Honestly, I recommend this course to everyone, not just coaches and other teachers. I urge you to check it out. If you have any questions about it please feel free to comment and I will answer them as soon as possible.

Have a beautiful blessed Sunday!

Peace and Love,


5 Benefits of Reiki Healing

Hello my darlings!

Today I want to talk to you about Reiki. I have just been recently certified, and I couldn’t wait to share the awesome benefits with you. I have been receiving reiki treatments for over a year now, and I knew that this was another skill that I needed to learn.

What is it?

Reiki is a healing technique involving the channeling of energy from one person to another. The person performing the reiki will use the energy healing to heal another person from physical and mental illnesses.

Reiki works with the chakras in the body and aligns their energy to create healing within the body. We are going to be talking more about Chakras in the upcoming weeks, so if you’re not a charka buff, don’t sweat!

Let’s talk benefits.

1. It can align, cleanse and clear your chakras.

Like I said, reiki will clear your chakras and help to remove any blocks. We don’t realize just how important these energy centres in our bodies are. They help keep everything flowing and allow our creativity and mental focus to flourish. In the following blog posts, we will talk about each chakra and its uses.

2. It can help to  increase your energy levels.

Are you tired? Most of us suffer from chronic fatigue. Never feeling like any amount of sleep can help to make us more energetic. Along with our healthy diets and regular exercise, reiki can help to boost your energy levels by aligning your chakras. When your chakras are happy, your body is happy.

3. It can help relieve pain, lower your blood pressure and help you sleep at night.

This is the main reason that I turned to reiki. I have chronic pain and I find it to really help to alleviate some of that. If reiki is performed near bed time it can also help you get a more rested sleep. If you suffer from high blood pressure it can also help. Having a treatment puts the body in a meditative state, and allows healing to occur.


4. It can help dissolve stress.


Along with the above, during a treatment it is almost like a meditation, so your body can truly relax and just receive the healing being provided. If you are someone that practices, you can easily calm yourself down in any situation by performing a mini self healing. Pretty cool huh?

5. It can help to accelerate your body’s natural self healing abilities.

So along with the pain relieving abilities, and all of the other good stuff, it can actually help to promote your body’s natural self healing ability. That’s right, you are a self healing machine! If your body has the right things keeping it going; healthy diet, exercise, low stress levels, balanced chakras, it can truly and amazingly heal itself.


Well that’s all for my little reiki overview. I hope that you found it helpful, and if you’re curious about it and want to know more, comment here or on our Facebook group, and let’s talk! If you’re looking for a treatment, I can either set one up with you,  or help you find someone in your area.

Peace and Love,


Follow Your Universal Signs

Are you listening to the signs that the Universe is sending?

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our lives that we don’t pay attention to the signs that are right in front of our faces. We go about our days cursing the Universe for not giving us what we ask for, and yet the signs that things are on their way are right there. Choosing not to see it so that we can keep complaining.

We often focus on so many things that we don’t have and we very rarely stop and appreciate the amazing things that we already have (read more about gratitude here). We are content to blame the Universe for not cooperating. I keep asking for things and getting nothing we say. We really need to stop and pay attention to the signs that we are receiving each and every day. It is truly amazing.

What are these signs? How can I see them? How do I know what is sign and what isn’t? Well, signs are different for each person. A sign can come in many forms. It can be something as simple as a song playing on the radio to jog your memory. Or it can be more dramatic such as a car accident. Nothing life threatening, but it’ll surely get your attention. If you are not listening, the Universe will ensure that you get a more dramatic sign.

Usually you will recognize when something is a sign. You will be able to feel it using your intuition.

Now you need to make sure that you’re using your intuition. But we shall save that for another post. If you listen, you’ll know when signs are about. Anything that seems serendipitous is usually a sign. Signs are meant to keep you on the proper path, it is of the utmost importance that you listen to them. Signs can lead us to our trust life’s purpose.

The next time you see something that makes you pause, write down what you see and meditate on what it makes you feel. What does this sign make you think of? What is your intuition telling you? We will talk about intuition and how to tap into it in my next post.

What signs do you see on a regular basis? For me it’s numbers. 9:11 on the clock mostly, however I do see a lot more numbers ending in 11. It is important for us to learn what our signs mean so that we can use our Universal guidance to do great things.

Peace and Love,