I am so happy that you’re here! Sacred Oak Goddess is a place where you can learn to live in alignment, and discover your spiritual life purpose. We’ll work together to raise your vibe, cleanse your body and mind, and help you manifest the life you desire.

Happiness and abundance is your birthright!  So long as we are aligned with the Universe, and our life purpose, and are living in joy and light, we will receive everything we could ever want. Come along with me on the journey to your soul purpose, your reason for this human experience.

I want to get you to an elevated level so that we can share our light with the entire World! We can achieve happiness and peace if we work together. When we create high vibe communities, anything is possible!

We spend so much of our lives living in the shadow, when all we need to do is step into the light! Leave behind all of your doubts, your worries and your short comings. Nothing can hold you back! You were created from perfection, you have just veered off the path of light.

You have the choice! You can step into the light, you can live in your truth, you can show up for your Universal assignment. You can do anything you choose. You can create any existence you wish. You just need to choose. Choose to leave all of the darkness behind you, and show up!

What is your life purpose? What really lights you up? What unique talents do you have that you can use to elevate the world? Being part of this community can help you discover the answers to all of those questions.


I believe in having a strong spiritual practice! This includes a strong basis in meditation and yoga – I prefer Kundalini, strong and aligned chakras, working through blocks through energetic healing and having a strong plan as to how you can live in service. 

I can help you to achieve all of these things, and I would love to connect with you to build a spiritual practice that works for you and aligns with your life purpose and vision. It’s easy to find a practice, not so easy to find a practice that you can commit to because it brings you joy! 

Let’s really get your vibes raised and your energy levels aligned with your goals so that you can manifest the life you desire! 





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